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Lytico helps you identify the keywords, links and campaigns to bring your site the top position
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  Q: What IS
  A: A superior analytics and SEO toolset! offers superior analytics:
  • We show names and addresses of Companies and Organizations that have viewed your website
  • Campaign and Goal Conversions, twitter analytics, and more!
  SEO Tools:
  • Backlink Checks, Building, & Organization
  • SEO site scan and fix-it tools
  • Page Ranks
  • SEO Alerting
  • Competitor Reporting & Comparison
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How does measure up to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools?
Features : Google Analytics
Webmaster Tools
Traffic Stats & Sources
Visitor & demographics
Business Name and Address of Visitors
IP address of visitors
Rank on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Compete & Technorati
Backlink Reports
Tools to improve Search Engine Ranks
Customized Email Reports
Keyword Targeting & Site Compairon tools
Code Generation for SEO improvement
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