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Lytico helps you identify the keywords, links and campaigns to bring your site the top position
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"I've practiced search engine optimization for years and offers the most comprehensive features I have ever seen." away. 

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Real-Time Customer Activity

Lytico provides your sales staff with the ability to view which companies are visiting and viewing your web site. Your sales staff can now identify and monitor prospects in real time using Lytico 's unique customer analysis engine.

Your sales staff can run real-time reports to see which companies were most active on your website over the past day, the past week, or even the past month. These reports also provide detailed information about which web pages your visitors viewed as well as the search terms they used to get to your site.

Lytico provides invaluable information for your sales people to determine which companies are actively interested in your product offerings, how they reached your web site, and what aspects of your product offerings they're most interested in researching.

Reports Sent Via Email

Lytico generates daily, weekly, and monthly email reports based on your requirements.

Email reports give your sales staff the ability to follow up on the previous day's or week's most active companies that have visited your website. Email reports make viewing your customer activity easy without requiring you to regularly log in to Lytico's website.

Lytico can also generate instant email alerts, providing your sales staff with immediate notification of a customer visiting your web site based on defined rules. For example, Lytico can be configured to generate an instant alert whenever a customer views more than five of your web pages.

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