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Customer Intelligence

Would you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a conference exhibition booth but neglect to capture any information about people visiting your booth?

The same case can be made of your web site. You've made a significant investment in your site, but you probably have no idea which customers are visiting and reviewing your online product collateral.

Which is why we developed Lytico, a unique technology designed specifically for sales staff providing detailed reports about each individual company visiting your most visible marketing asset -- your website.

Sales Activity Reports

Now your sales staff can proactively pursue companies that have visited your website to review your company and product collateral. By understanding how much time they've committed to reviewing various pages of your online collateral, your sales staff can determine the prospect's levels of interest. Additional information, such as the search terms that your visitor used to find your web site, can give you insight into their interests and requirements.

Lytico Qualification

Lytico can provide your sales organization with valuable customer intelligence, such as: Determine if a customer is reacting to your cold-calls or e-mail campaigns
* Immediately notify your sales rep that their customer is viewing your website
* Understand what a specific customer is looking for by analyzing their search terms
*Provide a mechanism to automatically deliver
Lytico to your inside sales team

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