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Lytico's tracking technology requires you to place a small line of code onto each of the web pages that you want to monitor. Every time your web page loads, information about the visitor is collected by this code and sent back to Lytico's servers. The information is logged and stored on our servers, allowing you to generate reports on your visitor activity at any time.

Automated E-mail Reports

Email reports are generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis which can be configured from the Lytico web interface. Additionally, instant email alerts can be configured to activate any time a visitor views more than a pre-determined number of pages. For example, instant email reports can be configured to alert you any time a visitor views more than five of your web pages.

Data Center

Lytico's servers are located in one of San Francisco's largest data center facilities, originally designed and built for MCI/Worldcom. The facility incorporates five major backbones using multiple Tier-1 network providers for a choice of backbone routes, and has multiple redundant fiber routes to eliminate downtime.

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