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"I've practiced search engine optimization for years and offers the most comprehensive features I have ever seen." away. 

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"I love checking my Lytico stats, every day! The backlink tools make blogging, forum posting, and organic marketing so much easier." 
- Mark Garnick, DynamicSEO

"Thanks so much for this amazing product, Lytico has all the stats for our site centralized - and the tools to improve those stats all in one easy to manage service."
- Alex Walters, Amped Web Design

"Lytico helps me to pinpoint where SEO-friendly coding is lacking on any of our sites pages. As a programmer, having the ability to check the effectiveness of my code from a SEO standpoint is a very valuable tool." 
- Patrick Roush, Roush Computing

"The SEO tools available on allow me to create custom reports each week for my clients, and I look like the hero!  I honestly can't beleive it is so simple to find out all of this information - why does Google hide it?" 
- David Stevens, Thrive Networks

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