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"I've practiced search engine optimization for years and offers the most comprehensive features I have ever seen." away. 

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In many instances the success of a website or a web based business depends on the Webmaster alone.  The webmaster is the liason between the business and the internet, and their knowledge and success online is directly proportional to the businesses profits.

Lytico's Core Compitency
For these users, is the one stop shop for people who need website optimization, marketing campaigns, email reporting, and more.  Let us manage your website's stats for you, and then use your knowledge to further improve your website on the programming front.

Stats Reporting
Take advantage of our daily, weekly, or monthly emails that can be sent to you or anyone in your organization.  These emails outline the statistics you care about for your website - geographic trends, companies viewing your website, number of viewers, yahoo, msn, and google specifics through integration with their APIs, Rivals web stats, and much more.

Lead Generation
While Google Analytics and other free tools available give much of the information that webmasters tend to rely on, what else is available?  How about seeing what companies have visited your website, find their phone number and address, what pages they have visited for how much time, and more?  This is all available within Lytico's online toolset.

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